Online Group Farewell Card

Passing a farewell card around for everyone to sign is a hassle. With Teamo you can do it instantly, wherever in the world you are.

online group farewell card

Give your group an easy way to sign

Teamo makes celebrating as a group easy. In just a couple clicks, you can create a free online group farewell card for friends, family, and co-workers to sign. They don't even have to create an account.

message modal

Style it however you want the ecard to look

Customizability is key. With Teamo, you can customize any aspect of the virtual group farewell card from the background design to the content of the card.

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Deliver the group card with a click of a button

Once the virtual group ecard has been signed, simply click "Deliver" to send the card right away, or set a time for automatic delivery–and forget about it! Once delivered, the online group card is printable as a memento.


Simple, clear pricing


A free group card great for small teams or trying out Teamo

Up to 5 messages and GIFs
Automated delivery of card

One-time card perfect for large teams or major milestones

Unlimited messages and GIFs
All features from Basic plan

And many more features including

Easily invite others in app or by link
Lock card to disable guest access
Printable option to keep it classic
Optimized for desktop and mobile

The best online ecard free for groups to sign