Virtual Onboarding: How to Welcome New Hires Remotely

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It’s already August, and for most teams, working from home has become an extended reality. With no physical office to welcome and connect new employees, how should the onboarding process adjust to match the times? Here are some tips to do so:

1. Warm virtual welcome party

The first day of work is typically one of the most exciting days of a new hire, especially for new grads! Make a new hire’s first day to be still as memorable as it can be if it was held in person. Getting the team together to make a group card for new members would definitely make the new hire feel welcomed.

Apart from getting things set up, values and going over the dos and don’ts, give an opportunity for new hires to connect and engage with their teammates.

2. Assign a virtual welcome buddy or mentor

Make a new hire feel even more welcomed with welcome buddies! This could be someone with a similar background, rank, or a friendly face in the team who can advise the new hire on all matters, such as getting to know the team or understanding how the team functions. This can foster deeper connections and curb any feelings of isolation new employees might have.

Assigning a mentor would help new hires to grow and learn too, by pointing them to the right resources and providing valuable feedback.

Encourage new hires to “meet-and-greet” others too to build their own network. Slack apps like Donut make it easy by pairing people up to meet virtually once a week.

3. Be patient and adjust the tempo

It can get overwhelming to be onboarded in a completely remote environment at such a time where people are responsible for both their children and work at home. Give more flexibility and assure your new hire they can work their way through onboarding information at their own pace.

4. Continuously improve the onboarding process

For big organizations that onboard batches of new hires, get feedback from each batch about the onboarding process to improve it.

5. Celebrate the team

Without in-office perks such as team offsites or Donut Wednesdays, maintaining a positive workplace culture will be one of the main considerations for how new recruits judge their experience. Celebrate wins with team with platforms such as Teamo.

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